Ezidrops Eye Drop Applicator - Assorted Colours

Ezidrops Eye Drop Applicator - Assorted Colours
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Universal eye drops applicator, works with almost any eye drop bottle with a nozzel

No Blink Reflex! Due to its innovative design, you do not see the drop coming into your eye
Reusable; wash applicatior before every use
EziDrops can also be used to help children or other family members to put eye drops in their eyes
Eye Drops made Ezi, with EziDrops, first time, every time!

Watch the video below!

How to use
1. Wash EziDrops applicator before each use.
2. Turn EziDrops upside down and put the nozzle of the bottle into the top of the applicator.
3. Now raise both the bottle and applicator onto the eye whilst tilting your head backwards, looking towards the ceiling.
4. Once your head is as far back and EziDrops is as flat as possible, squeeze the bottle to release a drop.
5. Wipe off any excess fluid with a tissue