About Us

Hampden Supply Ltd

At Hampdens, we are committed to bringing you proven products to increase your sales and maximise growth. Offering a comprehensive range of over 3,000 products, our range incorporates well-established brands, unique products, and value-for-money essentials, all with proven success in the Pharmacy sector.

As a family run wholesale business supplying the pharmacy sector since 1975, we have a wealth of experience from working with over 2,500 independent pharmacies – enabling us to offer an unparalleled level of support and advice.



We pride ourselves in providing a high level of support throughout the service we provide, from giving honest and helpful product telesales advice, to ensuring the products reach your shelves safely.



As part of our mission to increase counter sales, we have a policy of guaranteeing that every line you purchase will sell! We really do keep our promises – so this means that if any product doesn’t perform to your expectations, we will either reduce the price, or take the product back for credit – a unique offer giving you total confidence and security.


Unique Products

We have a number of unique product ranges that aren’t available in the supermarkets and aren’t distributed through other wholesalers. We realise the challenges of high street retail – try unique lines, backed by our guarantee of success, to give your store the chance to stand out in the marketplace.