Product Categories

£1 Lines

We understand the increasing pricing pressure placed on high street retail through the growth of pound stores and supermarkets, and we realise that £1.00 is an attractive price point to the consumer. For your convenience in stocking your £1.00 section, we have put together a selection of low cost products, ranging from skincare to dental, personal hygiene to hair care.


Dental care

A core category of products with regular demand, our dental products range from basic toothpaste and toothbrushes to the more innovative (yet highly popular!) breath freshening and interdental products.


Personal Hygiene

Everyday essentials that everybody needs, and always will need. This category incorporates ladies’ sanitary in addition to core soap and deodorant products – not forgetting the ever-popular Epsom Salt ranges!


Men’s Shaving & Grooming

Shaving lubricants, shaving accessories, hair grooming… we have your men’s shaving and grooming needs covered. Our product mix incorporates well-known brands such as Gillette, in addition to specialist ranges such as Pashana and Somersets. Prove the unique product benefits of these ranges, thus differentiating your shop from mainstream retail and adding value to the customer.


Hair Care

We realise the broad range of product preferences when it comes to hair care – the market is flooded with options, and each consumer has that choice when it comes to purchasing for their hair washing and styling needs. Standard shampooing & condition brands are available alongside premium ranges and specialist treatment, ensuring that you, too, have plenty of options.


Skin Care

Skin: the largest organ of the human body – and one that cosmetically we take great care to look after. Basic moisturising creams and lotions combine with beauty solutions and specialist skincare treatments to provide our customer with that coveted healthy skin and glowing complexion.


Mother & Baby

Care both for the new baby and for the mother is of great importance. From conception through to baby care, our mother and baby section offers a range of products required by the new mum.



We embrace diversity, and because we realise that some ethnicities have specific product needs, we’ve provided a section of hair care and skincare that applies specifically to customers with African and Asian antecedents.


Medicines & Health

From oral capsules to topical ointments, core vitamins and minerals to new and innovative treatment concepts, our broad range of medicinal products furnishes you with solutions for all common minor medical complaints.


Dispensary & Packaging

A quality range of Pharmacy packaging and dispensary essentials, for all your everyday needs. From bottles and bags to droppers and measure, we have you covered, ensuring the smooth running of your pharmacy.


First Aid

First Aid boxes and the actual contents – look no further for all the plasters, dressing and antiseptic needed to wrap up your medical product offering. Accidents happen – and the better the First Aid provision, the better the outcome.


PPE & Sanitising

In the current Covid-19 and post Covid-19 climate, we all need more protection in all walks of life – whether it be going shopping, travelling on public transport or even just going to work. We know your customers will be needing you to stock the essentials – so we’ve put together a category where you can find the new must-haves: disposable gloves, masks, hand sanitisers.


Wellbeing Support

Unfortunately we don’t all enjoy 100% health 100% of the time. However there’s often a product available that can improve your quality of life – be it a support to lessen a limb aching, or a mobility aid to allow someone less able-bodied to perform everyday functions.



From spectacle care to the reading glasses themselves; contact lens care to cosmetic contact lenses, this category caters for optical health and wellbeing. We perceive up to 80% of all impressions by means of our eyesight – here’s to maintaining that invaluable gift.



Healthfood – a great retail opportunity waiting to be explored. Add value by offering both convenience snacking items and coveted confectionery, in addition to products that answer to more specific health needs – such as our Gluten Free and Sugar Free options.



A range of medical and personal care electrical products with significant functional and economic value. Shop blood pressure monitors, nebulisers, thermometers and electrical hair styling in addition to electrical accessories and batteries.



There were 72.8 million visits overseas by UK residents in 2017, and this number promises to rise. So often we leave our packing until the last minute – only to find we don’t have those travel essentials. Be the convenient point of call the customer needs, and stock up your travel range.


Fashion Accessories

Hosiery to winter warmers, umbrellas to watches – our core range of Fashion Accessories offers both essentials and nice-to-have impulse buys.



In our quest to provide you with increasing value, in this category we offer a core range of sundries to ensure your shop is kept stocked with the essentials. Hair care to nail care, to washing and bathing – our range doesn’t just stop there: we have also incorporated a range of shop sundries for use in your store.



Everyday household essentials and cleaning solutions of all types – laundry products, detergents, air fresheners… Of particular note are our highly popular black sacks, our long standing #1 selling product.


Pest Control

That bugbear is rea: our population really doesn’t enjoy the presence of insects and rodents – and here’s a range of products to banish them. Targeting both crawling and flying insects, rats and mice, we also offer a range of products offering pest control for pet care.



The options are endless! We offer you both value and premium perfume ranges, with a great variety of fragrances available in each. And we don’t just leave it there – also see our range of room fragrance products and incense sticks.



Attractive, if not essential – our miscellaneous range of giftware gives you the chance to offer the consumer mugs and ornaments, gadgets and gift wrap. It’s the thought that counts…